T2 Tech Group is a leader in the practical application of technology for healthcare and a range of other industries. Since our founding in 2006, we have consistently delivered high-quality consulting and management advisory services to executives and IT leaders. Unlike many consulting firms, we have no financial interest in vendor selection and focus completely on realizing client goals.

Our team balances business and IT needs, uses a proven adaptable framework, can see projects from assessment to post-implementation, and practices transparency in all operations. We will work with you at all organizational levels and enable changes vital to achieving your overall goals.

Our approach and expertise

When working with you, T2 Tech will use a hybrid PMI and agile-based methodology designed to feasibly complete projects, meet time constraints, increase operational efficiency and meet your organization’s specific needs. We will also adapt strategies to unique environments and tailor solutions to meet workflow requirements or the needs of clients’ customers.

Unlike many consulting firms, we have no financial interest in vendor selection and can focus completely on helping you realize your organizational goals. We engage in projects on all levels and can assess, architect and implement IT solutions. Our wide range of expertise includes the following:

Value-driven team and leadership

T2 Tech is comprised of CIOs, engineers, project managers, industry-specific experts and business strategists. Our team is continually expanding; has implemented solutions for leading businesses and institutions; and provides IT solutions for various industries, such as healthcare, commercial, education and government. Learn more about our team.