Delivering State-of-the-Art Solutions

T2 Tech Group™ provides premium solutions to a diverse range of industries. In the past, T2 Tech has worked with partners in the fields of commercial business, government and education.

Commercial solutions: delivering continuous value

Your customers are your business. It’s all about your brand. It’s all about your reputation. It’s about keeping ahead of your competitors and differentiating yourself. In a world that is ever-changing, dynamic, complex, connected and fast-moving, we can provide you the transparency you need to understand how your business is performing at any moment.

We understand how business goals translate into technology requirements and value to your customers. We will provide the infrastructure flexibility needed to support your growth and make you faster, more efficient, safer, smarter, secure and unique.

T2 Tech leadership collaborated with Infinity Radio to implement a $50 million infrastructure, improve data distribution at 1,000 radio stations through IT redesign, improve quality of service with formalized testing procedures and manage complex logistics with live dashboards.

T2 Tech leadership collaborated with Starwood Hotels to lead a $100 million logistical deployment of IT infrastructure across 500 hotels, coordinate with multiple IT departments to execute a centralized IT plan, streamline hotel acquisitions by implementing an enterprise IT environment and reduce communications costs by renegotiating carrier agreements.

Government solutions: helping serve communities better

Government leaders are under extreme pressure to do more with less, in a political environment that is demanding greater accountability, greater transparency and greater visibility. At T2 Tech, we understand the constraints and challenges our government officials deal with on a daily basis.

Our approach is to create opportunities to align asset investments and resources where they can be of greatest value. In doing this, we create a robust infrastructure, provide safety and security, support the needs of the organization and its constituents, facilitate economic growth and build stronger community services.

T2 Tech collaborated with Mesa Water District to complete a comprehensive IT operations and infrastructure assessment. T2 Tech then managed an organization-wide remediation of Mesa Water’s IT environment and implemented a system that gives Mesa Water an end-to-end perspective on its IT operation.


Education solutions: building a better future 

This is an exciting time to be in education. The entire landscape has changed with new advances in technology. Innovation, flexibility, creativity and entrepreneurial thinking are enabling technology as a key tool in the learning environment.

We understand these dynamics and work with education leaders to create new models for personalized education, providing powerful and cost-effective computing capabilities, and enabling a robust infrastructure that advances innovation, provides quality services and supports the future needs of the institution.

T2 Tech leadership collaborated with TCI to perform a $2 million IT assessment, lead a US govt. study to provide Internet access to CA schools, reduce implementation costs by modeling deployment scenarios, and reduce costs through vendor negotiations and purchase consolidations.