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In today’s fast-moving times, many health systems are in the midst of a data center modernization or consolidation project. In the face of these changes, organizations need an effective process for migrating applications during a data center relocation.

The left-hand side slider will walk you through the T2 Tech Group™ application migration methodology. The methodology has helped some of the largest health systems in the United States and has been used successfully in projects that demanded migrating upwards of 200 applications.

A Five-step Methodology for Application Migrations

Our proven methodology helps organizations migrate applications during a data center relocation. The strategy uses a best-practices approach to efficiently coordinate the following phases of a move: the perquisite stage, mock migration, failover testing, implementation and go-live, and project closeout. Using this approach to coordinate an application migration allows teams to efficiently build a solid application strategy; validate the strategy through testing; and go-live with minimal business interruption, a minimized project cost, and an optimal result.

In addition to a proven strategy to migrate applications, our team uses a hybrid-agile project management methodology. A PMI-Waterfall model for upfront planning ensures appropriate processes for a sound governance framework, a fixed scheduled timeline, a detailed charter, and budget controls and metrics. At the same time, an iterative agile approach to execution facilitates organizational transparency, continuous reflection, a flexible schedule and overall team empowerment. With sound processes to organize and maximize team efforts, this methodology ensures important application migrations are implemented as efficiently as possible.

Working with our team, you can:

  • Learn how to use this approach to coordinate an application migration with a strong strategy
  • Validate migration strategy through testing, effectively utilize existing resources and avoid investing in unnecessary technology
  • Use a hybrid-agile project management methodology to ensure project efficiency and go-live with minimal business interruption
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