Akhil Tummalapalli

About Akhil Tummalapalli

Akhil Tummalapalli is a senior storage engineer. He has extensive experience with SAN and NAS environments as well as the majority of the prominent storage vendors in today’s market, including EMC, NetApp, Pure Storage, Hitachi, IBM, HP and Nimble. At T2 Tech Group, his role includes designing, testing, implementing, optimizing, troubleshooting and maintaining multi-vendor storage systems for large enterprises. Akhil’s past roles include acting as a senior storage engineer for DirecTV, a storage engineer for NetApp, and a storage admin for SwankTek, Inc. He has a Master’s of Science in Telecommunications from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and holds multiple professional certifications.

Entering the Dynamic World of IT Consulting

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Imagine you have a favorite burger joint and eat at the same place every day. This would be really exciting when you first go, but the same burger and ingredients will eventually vex you. Similar to this, most IT technical jobs can become unstimulating because they require the same operations day in and day out. You [...]