Healthcare and Cloud Are Ready to Mingle

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Cloud computing has been a buzz word in the IT industry for a decade. For the past ten years, we’ve seen companies in software, real estate, biotechnology, education, construction and many other industries migrate to the cloud. Only within the past couple of years, cloud has arisen as a hot topic in healthcare, and for the [...]

VMworld x Jiu-Jitsu x T2 Tech Group

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A couple of weeks ago, I was in Vegas and joined two major annual events for the first time. Thanks to T2 Tech Group, I recently attended VMworld 2017, the largest virtualization-specific event hosted by VMware. Aside from getting my VCP6-DCV certification, my mind was constantly being blown away by the new technologies presented. VMware Cloud on AWS, vSAN (virtual SAN), and WorkSpace One are the [...]

Why Attend a Tech Conference – The value a conference can bring to your company and your customers

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This week I had the privilege of attending VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas. At the time of writing this, I am sitting in the airport waiting to fly home, a usual scenario for me as a consultant for T2 Tech Group, and I’m thinking of what has transpired and what I learned over the past week. [...]

Pilot IT Solutions with the T2 Tech Lab

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When making IT changes, teams need to test certain infrastructures and capabilities and pilot implementations. This helps them determine optimal solutions and ensures minimal service loss during a go-live. As a hospital IT director, I frequently had to perform this testing and piloting in a timely and resource-efficient manner. With our onsite data center, the T2 [...]

Cisco Live Takeaways: The Evolving Networking Landscape

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Last month my colleagues and I attended Cisco Live Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. The convention hosted over 1,000 education sessions and provided many opportunities to meet with other IT professionals. What struck me about the event was how the changing networking technology is reshaping collaboration solutions and the IT industry as a [...]

Finding the Right Gear to Propel Healthcare Forward

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While pursuing a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership for Hospital Administration, academia has given me even greater insight into the macro environment in which healthcare operates and the complex network of stakeholders. Whether external, like state/federal regulatory bodies and insurance payers, or internal, like clinical end users delivering care and those managing department initiatives, these [...]

HIMSS Annual HIT Conference Tackles Disruption and Innovation

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Last week I attended the SoCal HIMSS Annual Healthcare IT Conference. Like other HIMSS events I’ve attended, all the speakers provided insights useful to learning more about the current healthcare IT environment. Amidst the interesting presentations and panels, one keynote speaker stood out with his message on disruptive innovation. He energized the audience with an uplifting [...]

Two HIMSS Events to Discuss How Data Shapes Care

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T2 Tech Group has been a very active participant with the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). Over the past few years, we've sponsored conferences with the organization, hosted several educational panels and delivered a lecture on rethinking patient engagement. Our involvement with the association gives us a chance to share and hear perspectives on [...]

My HIMSS17 Impressions

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I recently attended the HIMSS17 conference on behalf of a client that operates a network of hospitals in California. The conference featured sessions and events to discuss key topics in the industry, such as policy, interoperability, precision medicine, medical device security, EHR strategy and value-based care. As we departed from this Healthcare IT conference in Orlando, [...]

Answering the Need for Adaptive IT

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In addition to IT's role as a vital support system, organizations now leverage technology to improve processes, generate topline growth and gain a competitive advantage. Making their role even more complex, IT must also turn on a dime to meet changing business conditions and technology advancements. In this environment, business and IT integration along with leaner, [...]