IT projects are complex endeavors that require foresight and demonstrated organizational techniques. These projects also face unexpected challenges that lead to misspent time, an increased budget or other losses that could have been averted with effective planning. To increase efficiency, project teams need solid plans that provide agility, or the ability to react quickly, when solutions must be implemented.

To consistently achieve success, T2 Tech Group™ uses a hybrid methodology that consists of a refined waterfall strategy and an agile-based execution. This strategy allows us to map out initial steps, such as time mining and forecasting, and it allows us to flexibly work with unexpected problems as we continuously communicate with our clients and partners.

With a track record of proven results, we use the T2 Tech Group methodology to perform thorough IT assessments, build dependable information system architecture, develop efficient management strategies and implement high-functioning solutions. We serve the needs of a wide variety of leading businesses and institutions and will match and adapt evaluations, designs or actions to your site-specific requirements.

IT assessments to define objectives and requirements

Risk assessments are a necessary step when organizations are looking to improve overall efficiency. Our IT assessments service reviews crucial components, such as architecture, the deployment of resources and operational efficiency, and provides recommendations for remediation. Due to our experience working at the executive level and our ability to become involved in all aspects of a project, T2 Tech Group’s IT assessments have helped many leading organizations prepare for both current and future environments. Learn more about our IT assessment services.

IT strategy and design to effectively plan

Based on clear objectives, T2 Tech develops solid IT infrastructure and reliable application architecture in alignment with your organization’s strategic and operational requirements. With our IT strategy and design service, we analyze all relevant components of IT projects, such as integration, hardware consolidation, efficient design of processes and automation and appropriate capability sourcing models to maximize the value of IT assets. The culmination of this planning phase is an architecture blueprint, a roadmap, a project plan, a financial schedule and an operational management strategy.

IT implementation to enact solutions

T2 Tech’s hands-on, personal approach ensures a balance of client requirements, budget and time constraints and alignment with IT operations. Our IT implementation service focuses on ensuring the success of IT initiatives and maximizing business results. T2 Tech program managers and executive leaders are actively involved in projects and are regularly onsite to maintain accountability and transparency. Our purposeful executive and technical oversight of both politically and technically challenging IT initiatives improves effectiveness and efficiency.

IT project management to streamline operations

Our IT project management service provides clients with direction and focus, so high-quality solutions can be implemented in a timely and cost effective manner. Our experienced managers stay in close contact with clients during this phase, and we use our unique hybrid management approach to provide a clear mode of action that allows for unanticipated change. Learn more about our IT Project Management services.