An IT assessment can provide a clear picture of your current IT infrastructure and operations. Whether you want to boost efficiency, update infrastructure or develop better IT strategy, an assessment report can provide a necessary foundation for improvements.

The assessments can also help organizations validate what’s working and identify gaps. This allows teams to prioritize IT projects, quickly remediate risks and proactively manage their IT environment.

The benefits of IT assessments

We provide comprehensive assessments of IT infrastructure and operations. The assessments evaluate key areas and provide recommendations for improvements.

Our thorough documentation covers the following areas:

  • IT infrastructure – a review of all technical components, including networks, servers, storage, security and application profiles.
  • IT business strategy – a detailed analysis of overall business processes, procedures, plans and finances, including long range and strategic IT plans, capital and operational budgets, and the IT governance structure.
  • IT organization— an evaluation of employee management and processes in the IT ecosystem, including the IT organizational structure and staffing, departmental functions and acquisition, implementation processes, and IT technical and support services.

To make sure you only invest in what you need, we tailor each IT assessment to fit your unique requirements. For example, you may need an in-depth view into areas such as IT security, or you may require insight to facilitate strategic shifts and new initiatives.

When completing an assessment, we involve highly experienced project managers and subject matter experts. We also use a hybrid methodology, which includes upfront planning and agile techniques for execution.


Verity Health System needed to upgrade the IT environment in their six-hospital, 1,700-bed health system. T2 Tech helped by identifying major IT risk areas and providing prioritized recommendations on which systems required optimization, including networks, security, wireless, telecom, data centers, servers and storage. Access press release



Stanford Health Care needed an IT assessment for its new ValleyCare system. T2 Tech reviewed ValleyCare’s IT environment, highlighted gaps against industry best practices, and provided short-term fixes and a long-term risk mitigation strategy. The assessment aided an IT infrastructure transition that helped SHC manage its health system and prepare for an EHR migration to Epic. View client spotlight | Download client spotlight



Mesa Water District needed to transform its IT environment. T2 Tech evaluated their IT business strategy and provided a comprehensive assessment of its infrastructure, including their network, computers and backup environment. After identifying risks and providing a remediation strategy, T2 Tech managed an organization-wide remediation of Mesa Water’s IT environment. View client spotlight | Download Client Spotlight


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