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IT Consulting for Your Business

T2 Tech Group™ is a leader in the practical application of technology for healthcare and a range of other industries. Since our founding in 2006, we have consistently delivered high-quality consulting and management advisory services to executives and IT leaders. Unlike many consulting firms, we have no financial interest in vendor selection and focus completely on realizing client goals. Our team balances business and IT needs, uses a proven adaptable framework, can see projects from assessment to post-implementation, and practices transparency in all operations. We will work with you at all organizational levels and enable changes vital to achieving your overall goals.

Services We Provide

IT Assessments

Better understand the state of your IT and get the roadmap you need to drive optimal changes.


Our assessments evaluate all major infrastructure components and help teams leverage IT for business strategy.

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IT Strategy & Design

Find and design an architecture and implementation plan that’s right for you.


We build world-class capabilities and plans in alignment with your organization’s strategic and operational requirements.

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IT Implementation

Quickly and cost-effectively rollout modern technology with minimal business disruption.


Our IT implementation service focuses on ensuring the success of IT initiatives and maximizing business results.

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IT Project Management

Ensure high-quality solutions are designed and implemented in a timely, cost-effective manner.


Our experienced program and project managers employ a hybrid agile-based methodology to improve team efficiency and coordination.

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Our Methodology

To consistently achieve success, T2 Tech Group™ uses a hybrid methodology that consists of a refined waterfall strategy and an Agile-based execution method. This strategy allows us to map out initial steps, such as time mining and forecasting, and it allows us to flexibly work with unexpected problems as we continuously communicate with our clients and partners.

Our Client Portfolio

Sharp Healthcare
Sharp Healthcare
Working together, Sharp Healthcare and T2 Tech successfully completed the design and implementation of a redundant architecture and disaster recovery site at Sharp’s Rees-Steely Medical Group facility in Sorrento Mesa, California. Leveraging the skills of Sharp’s adept IT team along with T2 Tech’s effective management staff and methodology, the two organizations efficiently tested failover for Sharp’s key applications without causing any interruption to business.
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
During the Marion and John E. Anderson Pavilion construction project, T2 Tech helped Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) architect, design and manage the enterprise integrated services implementation for the $636 million, 460,000 sq. ft. patient facility that was being built. T2 Tech’s efforts helped CHLA open the new hospital on schedule, save $1.5 million in capital costs, and save $500,000 in operations and maintenance costs.
Kootenai Health
Kootenai Health
Kootenai engaged in a fundamental restructuring of every aspect of its IT ecosystem. The healthcare provider had been saddled with outdated technology that wasn’t suited to meet its current needs or its future ambitions. Among the shortcomings were an inadequate email solution, a disorganized networking system, an inefficient and outdated data center and a faulty and poorly-performing electronic healthcare (EHR) solution.

Why do you need IT consulting for your business?

It is common for enterprise leaders to be told they need to bring in an IT consulting firm to help with future initiatives, but ultimately, how can it improve their bottom line of saving time and money? So let’s be clear. An IT consulting firm performs a number of IT-related services that revolve around four main strategies: 

  • IT project management
  • IT strategy and design
  • IT implementation
  • IT risk assessments

Information technology (IT) involves the use of multiple computers at several different locations, networking, data storage, applications and other physical devices. It also considers the infrastructure and processes to engineer, process, store, secure and exchange an overabundance of data. Savvy businesses will invest in IT consulting firms as opposed to purchasing additional technologies or hiring more internal resources. At the heart of IT will be a strategy that ultimately bridges technology with business goals. When a custom approach is established based on the organization’s needs, processes are streamlined, teams are more efficient, and ultimately enterprises are left with a more attractive bottom line of saving time and money.

Performing IT Risk Assessments

IT is an integral part of operations in healthcare, commercial and government organizations. To help you make the most of your IT resources and align them with overall business strategy, T2 Tech Group provides comprehensive assessments for both IT infrastructure and IT operations. Our assessments can help you uncover the unknown and understand your current IT ecosystem while maximizing your technology investments. We will work with your team to compare findings for each area to industry best practices, identify key risks, and provide a roadmap for addressing identified risks.

Partnering with T2 Tech Group for IT

When you work with our team of IT consulting experts, you will enjoy the ease of total collaboration, clearly defined goals, and a measurable strategy designed to help your organization improve efficiency in a scalable manner that stays within budget. Let us know how we can help; contact us today and let’s talk about the IT approach that’s right for your organization.

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