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QueensCare Health Centers (QHC) operates a six-site network of community health centers, providing primary health and preventive services to a growing number of the medically underserved in Los Angeles County. A non-profit organization, it was founded in 1925 to care for abandoned and neglected children. Since then, QHC has grown into one of the largest, most progressive federally qualified health centers in the nation, treating all patients regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or income.

“T2 Tech has been a valuable partner since 2012. After completing a detailed assessment of our IT environment, T2 Tech was chosen to lead a nine-month initiative to transform our IT infrastructure and operations. They worked within our financial constraints to provide a solid foundation for our information needs, which allows for future expansion.” — Barbara B. Hines, President & Chief Executive Officer, QueensCare Health Centers

The Challenge: An Increased Demand On IT In The Face Of Growth

Throughout the years, QueensCare Health Centers made progressive IT investments to keep pace with an increasing patient population; however, over time, those systems became fragmented and were unable to scale with rising demand. As dependency upon automation grew, a lack of enterprise-level training made the future of these diverse systems tenuous, if not unmanageable, as QueensCare Health Centers aimed to expand their IT infrastructure to improve clinical staff efficiencies and optimize patient outcomes. QHC engaged T2 Tech Group ™ to develop and implement an IT transformation plan as increased demand strained an environment already running at capacity.

T2 Tech Provides Comprehensive Planning And Adaptive Management

After completing a 2-month IT assessment, T2 Tech collaborated with executive and clinical leadership at QHC to define organizational objectives, establish requirements and outline priorities for the transformation project. We developed a comprehensive plan, budget and schedule to mitigate critical infrastructure risks and improve IT operating procedures. T2 Tech used its proven Agile-based project management methodology, which enabled the team to adapt to changes quickly without compromising the project budget, schedule or quality. T2 Tech then passed this knowledge on to QHC staff, transferring the tools needed to maintain the new IT environment after implementation.

Coordinated Collaboration Leads To Remarkable Results

Working with QueensCare Health Centers’ IT resources and other subject matter experts, T2 Tech delivered these results:

  • Eliminated recurring outages through virtualizing servers, implementing a redundant network architecture and upgrading data center infrastructure.
  • Implemented real-time network and system monitoring capabilities.
  • Reduced annual telecommunication costs by 60% while increasing wide area network and Internet bandwidth 1,600%.
  • Increased health center network bandwidth by 2,000%.
  • Improved IT strategic planning, customer service levels and IT staff efficiency by implementing best-practice IT operating procedures.
  • Trained staff in T2 Tech’s unique Agile-based collaborative project management methodology.
  • Established best-practice procedures for IT support, asset management, project management and IT financial management.

About T2 Tech Group

T2 Tech Group specializes in tackling difficult technology challenges and transforming IT liabilities into valuable assets for clients in a range of industries. Since its founding in 2006, T2 Tech has built a reputation for delivering high-quality technology consulting and management advisory services to executives and IT leaders. Unlike many consulting firms, T2 Tech has no financial interest in vendor selection, freeing the company to focus completely on realizing customer goals. At T2 Tech, we advocate for our clients; approach each project with no bias; and practice the highest levels of integrity, experience and expertise. For more information about T2 Tech Group, visit t2techgroup.com and connect with us on Twitter @T2TechGroup.

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