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Your Vendor Agnostic Partner

T2 Tech Group™ provides premium solutions to a diverse range of industries. As vendor agnostic partners, we have efficiently orchestrated technology initiatives for organizations in the fields of commercial business, government and education. Our approach calls for stewardship of client resources, an adaptable framework, unbiased advice, quality solutions that deliver considerable value and transparency in all our actions. These principles along with the extensive experience and skills of our team help drive innovative technology solutions to meet our clients’ overall goals.

Our Diverse Experience

Our technology engineers, program/project managers and business strategists have extensive experience leading large-scale technology transformations in a wide variety of industries. When working with you, we can use a hybrid agile-based methodology designed to feasibly complete projects, meet time constraints, increase operational efficiency and meet your organization’s specific needs.

Mesa Water District

We collaborated with Mesa Water District to complete a comprehensive IT operations and infrastructure assessment. We then managed an organization-wide remediation of Mesa Water’s IT environment and implemented a system that gives Mesa Water an end-to-end insight into its IT operations.


We conducted a full-spectrum penetration test and vulnerability assessment for several MGM facilities. The assessment provided MGM with the best possible visibility into any existing risks to the organization’s people, process and technology. It also provided an improvement roadmap.

Blue Mountain Capital

After a large investment, BlueMountain Capital chose to work with us to overhaul a six-hospital system’s entire IT environment. This intensive undertaking involves architecting a new IT infrastructure and strategy as well as implementing modern technology and workflows to support thousands of patients and staff.

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