Christopher Jackson

About Christopher Jackson

Christopher Jackson is an IT professional with 13 years of IT industry experience. Over his career, he has managed multiple projects and teams within the healthcare provider space, across a variety of vendors, systems and project management methodologies. Christopher is a proactive and goal-oriented leader with experience driving teams and businesses toward performance, profitability and customer satisfaction.

The Details Can Be Devilish

2020-05-12T10:34:02-07:00Categories: Industry Insights, Project Management Insights, T2 Tech Blog|

James Murray, the famed creator of one of the world’s most comprehensive reference books, the Oxford English Dictionary, had rooms filled with paper. Correspondents from all over the world sent him thousands of pieces of research on the etymologies of words. A single word alone could generate 10,000 pieces of correspondence. Murray’s workrooms were an overwhelming [...]

Emulate an NBA Team

2020-03-03T13:08:58-08:00Categories: Industry Insights, Project Management Insights, T2 Tech Blog|

In the NBA, coaches give their team guidance and strategy leading up to each game and make adjustments in timeouts during the games. Then, the team members deliver their autonomous and specialized expertise, as they work together to ensure the win – all against a ticking clock. As a project manager, emulate the NBA coach model [...]