Jonathan Aparicio

About Jonathan Aparicio

Jonathan is an IT engineering professional with 7+ years of IT support experience. His broad-scoped background includes responsibilities as the main installer for national and international projects. Throughout his career, Jonathan has been the primary contact for various computer and electronics issues, encompassing hardware, software, networking and telecommunications. He is also skilled in organizing, updating and creating documentation used for training, installation, packaging and shipping. He is multilingual and has acted as a liaison for Spanish-speaking clients and third-party installers. Jonathan brings to T2 Tech his expertise serving as the team lead on systemwide projects with time-sensitive deadlines.

Why Honesty is Always the Best Policy

2020-07-30T17:13:20-07:00Categories: Industry Insights, Project Management Insights, T2 Tech Blog|

When the Americans took over the construction of the Panama Canal from the French in 1903 (to the tune of $40 million), they made a big mistake: The engineers assumed it was “just a big railroad job.” They didn’t realize digging a canal was so much harder. They presented schedules and completion deadlines that were impossible [...]

Avoid Creating Avalanches

2020-03-03T13:09:23-08:00Categories: Industry Insights, Project Management Insights, T2 Tech Blog|

Work piles up as more demands are thrown at you. Something’s got to give, and too often, the consequences are a deadline missed, or a project cycle falling short of the original objectives. It’s a project manager’s job to make sure teams are not overwhelmed and ensure team members are not having to make the decision [...]

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