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About Jeff Darcy

Jeff Darcy is a results-oriented network engineering professional with comprehensive technical knowledge and a particular focus on security. He joined T2 Tech as a network security engineer to install and configure network infrastructure for T2 Tech clients. He has also been responsible for supporting and configuring T2 Tech’s internal IT infrastructure, including the T2 Tech lab, which contains the latest enterprise-grade network, server and storage hardware.

When Team Members Don’t Support Each Other, Everyone Suffers

2020-07-30T16:21:38-07:00Categories: Company Insights, Project Management Insights, T2 Tech Blog|

In 2015, the Washington Nationals had arguably one of MLB’s most talented rosters but they struggled to even make the playoffs. At the bottom of the eighth inning, in a tied game against the Philadelphia Phillies, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon expressed frustration with Bryce Harper for his poor performance at bat, which led to a physical altercation [...]

Stop Clowning Around

2020-03-03T13:09:56-08:00Categories: Industry Insights, Project Management Insights, T2 Tech Blog|

Juggling can be dated back to the ancient Egyptians during the B.C. period where images depicting people tossing balls into the air were found etched in tombs. Today, however, we think of juggling as an act of entertainment in a circus performed by clowns or professionals like Jay Gilligan. Too many balls in the air is [...]

The Future of Password Management

2018-06-21T16:10:53-07:00Categories: T2 Tech Blog, Technical Insights|

With more and more services moving to the cloud, all of us are being asked to create and manage more accounts than ever before. And although we’ve all probably heard security experts tell us, “Don’t reuse passwords,” this can be difficult as the number of usernames and passwords increases. All the while, additional protection is more [...]

The T2 Tech Lab: An In-house Data Center and Testing Environment

2018-06-08T10:22:57-07:00Categories: Company Insights, T2 Tech Blog, Technical Insights|

As vendor agnostic IT consultants serving large enterprises in healthcare and other industries, T2 Tech Group’s engineering team must work with a vast array of technologies. Due to our company’s growth, we recently moved to a new headquarters facility. With the new office, our leadership made a multimillion dollar investment in a powerful onsite data center, [...]

Takeaways from the SoCal HIMSS Privacy and Security Webinar

2018-06-22T10:33:43-07:00Categories: Industry Insights, T2 Tech Blog|

As a network security engineer, I work alongside clients to develop and implement clear security strategies. Security is vital to the integrity of confidential information and business operations. Threats are always evolving, and management techniques require constant updating to ensure continuity, resiliency and compliance. After learning from the SoCal HIMSS privacy and security webinar, I want [...]