John Hamas

About John Hamas

John Hamas is an IT professional with director-level management experience who specializes in driving innovative systems programs. Successfully developing strategy, implementing technology and managing team development exemplify his successful 19-year career in the industry. He’s directed teams for 12 of those years. He was responsible for managing IT staff comprising as many as 30 system and network administrators, desktop support technicians, and IT contractors. In this leadership role, he developed a technical strategy and implemented cost-effective solutions for a computer support and services provider.

Channeling Einstein

2020-07-24T07:38:16-07:00Categories: Industry Insights, Project Management Insights, T2 Tech Blog|

While Albert Einstein was one of the 20th century’s greatest minds, he may also be the perfect example of the absentminded professor. The legendary physicist once phoned Princeton University’s Institute for Advanced Study, where he had his office, and actually asked the operator to give him directions to his own home. He failed to identify himself, [...]

Strength in Numbers

2020-07-30T16:19:20-07:00Categories: Industry Insights, Project Management Insights, T2 Tech Blog|

When a father couldn’t convince his sons to stop quarreling, he decided to make his point another way. Presenting his sons with a bundle of sticks, he challenged them to break the bundle and not one of them could do it. When the father asked his sons to separate the bundle and break the sticks one [...]

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

2020-03-03T13:10:07-08:00Categories: Industry Insights, Project Management Insights, T2 Tech Blog|

Bill Gates once said, “My success, part of it certainly, is that I have focused in on a few things.” Bill Gates and Paul Allen had a vision that every home would have a personal computer. At the time, it was a concept that seemed unfathomable. In order to accomplish such a feat, Paul Allen had [...]