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About Krystal Di Stefano

Krystal is an experienced sales and marketing professional. As the marketing manager at T2 Tech Group, she leads local and national marketing campaigns, brand advancement, social media, public and media relations, and other business development projects. Prior to joining T2 Tech, she worked in the sports industry, where her responsibilities ranged from community relations, business operations, sales and marketing for a variety of high profile athletes and professional teams. She currently sits on the board of SoCal HIMSS as the Vice President of Programs.

Mesa Water District and T2 Tech Group Donate Over 70 Computers to Local Nonprofit Organizations

2020-07-01T12:14:04-07:00Categories: T2 Tech Press Releases|

LOS ANGELES, CA - June 30, 2020 – Mesa Water District (Mesa Water®), along with long-standing partner, T2 Tech Group, an industry-leading IT consulting, advisory and project management services provider in Los Angeles, have come together to donate over 70 computers to two Southern California-based nonprofit organizations. The two companies donated 30 laptops to School on Wheels, [...]

5 Tips for Maintaining IT Team Productivity During Difficult Times

2020-05-28T09:28:23-07:00Categories: Featured Articles|

Healthcare Business Today - May 28, 2020 - It is crucial for IT team leaders to maintain and continue to optimize their team’s focus and productivity on a continuing basis, especially during difficult and uncertain times.

The Importance of Clear Communications

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When people are in danger and need help, three letters are more important than any others: S-O-S. Even though some say that this universal distress signal stands for “save our ship” or “save our souls,” the letters actually don’t mean anything at all. Why, then, did the Morse Code operators choose them? For a simple reason: the three short dots of the “S” followed by the three longer dashes of the “O” are the easiest sounds [...]

Shining Light In Dark Times: How Great Companies, From Technology To Food Service, Are Sharing Expertise And Resources To Help With The Present Crisis

2020-04-23T11:36:05-07:00Categories: Featured Articles|

Forbes - April 22, 2020 - Tyme Global Technologies and T2 Tech Group re-employ, train and fully deploy more than 100 staff members within 48 hours to begin conducting thousands of outbound calls to numbers in the New York State Department of Health’s database of citizens seeking appointments for testing.

Hospitality Company Re-Employs 100+ to Schedule COVID-19 Tests

2020-04-23T11:36:46-07:00Categories: Featured Articles|

Hotel Business - April 21, 2020 - In response to the New York State Department of Health’s call for help scheduling appointments for residents to receive COVID-19 testing, Tyme Global Technologies with the help of T2 Tech Group, immediately pivoted its business focus from hospitality to healthcare to re-employ, train and fully deploy more than 100 [...]

Tyme Global Technologies Leverages Partnership with T2 Tech Group to Pivot Business in Response to New York State’s Call for COVID-19 Testing Support

2020-07-01T11:50:02-07:00Categories: T2 Tech Press Releases|

Los Angeles, CA - April 20, 2020 - Hospitality Company Re-Employs and Recruits More Than 100 Personnel Within Hours to Respond to the Call to Help Schedule COVID-19 Testing In response to the New York State Department of Health’s call for help scheduling appointments for residents to receive COVID-19 testing, Tyme Global Technologies, the largest provider [...]

Project Manager Insight – Implementing An NBA Coach Model

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Project Times - March 31, 2020 - There are many commonalities between project management and sports, and some lessons learned about project management can be derived from how sports teams are built, coached and managed.