Leigh Sleeman

About Leigh Sleeman

Leigh is an experienced program manager with a 17-year career in healthcare information technology. Since joining T2 Tech in 2012, he has championed multiple projects, including large VDI, storage and network initiatives for Kootenai Health and a data center migration effort for Sharp HealthCare. In 2018, Leigh earned the title of partner, proving himself as a valuable asset to clients and colleagues. Before joining T2 Tech, Leigh was an IT PMO manager at UCLA Health Systems. Prior to that, he acted as a program manager during the build of the 520-bed Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. For this, he successfully orchestrated all IT activities and administered a $60+ million IT budget. 

You Know Your Data Center Strategy, Now What?

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Technology transitions in the healthcare industry can be challenging because even the smallest hospitals depend on hundreds of applications in a 24X7, always-on environment. In the patient care space, we need to minimize scheduled downtime and can’t afford unscheduled operational disruption. The complexity to manage data center projects is intensified further because every application is different [...]

Video: Our Hybrid-agile Project Management Methodology

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From our combined experiences, we found agile techniques alone were ineffective for infrastructure projects. For the projects we work on, we must plan and prepare for future activities in a much more intentional way than just designing a piece of software. On the other hand, with a purely traditional waterfall or sequential process, we knew there [...]

A Journey Alongside a Client

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When I joined T2 Tech Group in 2012, my first assignment was to function as an IT program manager at Kootenai Health. This partnership with Kootenai Health was incredibly rewarding for me because I got to work alongside talented medical and IT professionals to improve workflow. I also had the opportunity to help dedicated hospital staff [...]

Common Pitfalls When Planning a VDI Implementation

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Implementing VDI is a major undertaking. When tackling a project of this magnitude, there are a number of common pitfalls that can cause unnecessary complications. However, with adequate foresight, most of these problem can be avoided. For the sake of simplicity, I have outline three common pitfalls that we have seen organizations overlook on a number [...]