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Robert Konishi is a successful IS Executive with a 20+ year career in the healthcare information technology industry and specialization in executive IS management, enterprise IS architecture, IS operations, and IS project management.

Join T2 Tech Group to do the Best Work of your Life

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T2 Tech Group provides the opportunity for highly motivated professionals to work with the nation’s leading healthcare organizations on groundbreaking technology initiatives that impact the provisioning of healthcare services. We were recently named by the Los Angeles Business Journal as one of the top 25 small companies to work for. Those looking for their next career [...]

Teamwork Beyond the Playing Fields

2018-08-09T15:52:26+00:00Categories: Company Insights, Robert Konishi's Blogs, T2 Tech Blog, Team Stories|

John Wooden, one of the most revered coaches in the history of sports who led his teams to a number of NCAA college basketball championships and coached some of the greatest basketball players in the history of the game, stated, “A player who makes a team great is more valuable than a great player.” Just like [...]

Healthcare IT Mission Inspires a New Generation

2018-06-06T11:37:22+00:00Categories: Robert Konishi's Blogs, T2 Tech Blog|

National Health IT Week is a nationwide awareness week focused on the value of healthcare IT. In an effort to spread the work, HIMSS has organized a blog series called #IHeartHIT Stories. The below is my submitted story to inspire progress. I approach healthcare IT not as a job or a series of projects but with [...]

An Expert Opinion: Collaboration and Unified Communications Q and A with Allen Theerasatiankul

2018-06-12T16:48:06+00:00Categories: Robert Konishi's Blogs, T2 Tech Blog, Technical Insights|

Organizations are constantly seeking the best technologies to better coordinate team interactions, enable collaboration and improve mobility. The organizations we work with are seeking solutions that lead to efficient, secure and scalable collaboration tools, and they require a methodology to successfully implement these capabilities. Although organizations have clear objectives in this area, the landscape for collaboration [...]

First Ascents

2017-08-01T18:38:54+00:00Categories: Robert Konishi's Blogs, T2 Tech Blog|

I recently participated in my first alpine climbing expedition to scale Mount Baker, a glaciated volcano located in Washington that reaches 10,778 feet. This experience would require me to tread into unfamiliar territory, learn new skills and manage the unpredictable factors that nature brings to the table. Although this effort was classified as a level II [...]

A Culture About People

2017-08-01T18:40:40+00:00Categories: Company Insights, Robert Konishi's Blogs, T2 Tech Blog|

As a company grows, the culture becomes more important. Addressing this aspect of an organization will ensure teams continue to provide high-quality services that meet our clients' requirements and reinforce crucial values, methodologies and priorities. Recently, T2 Tech has had the good fortune of successfully completing strategic projects for our existing client base and beginning work [...]

The Story Behind the Name

2018-06-20T13:44:58+00:00Categories: Company Insights, Robert Konishi's Blogs, T2 Tech Blog|

Since my first blog post about our rebranding, people have been inquiring about our name, T2 Tech Group, and what the T2 part actually stands for. I didn't follow a "how-to" guide, but I'm excited and proud to share my story. Trying to exemplify our company's expertise, value and uniqueness, there were a couple major factors [...]

Founding Partner Robert Konishi on the Evolution of T2 Tech

2018-06-21T13:01:05+00:00Categories: Company Insights, Robert Konishi's Blogs, T2 Tech Blog|

I'm excited to announce the new branding and logo for T2 Tech Group. This event marks a significant milestone in our journey, providing an opportunity to reflect on everything that the original T2 Technology Group brand stood for and everything that we aspire to become as the newly branded T2 Tech Group. Our journey so far [...]