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These Are The Best Employee Benefits And Perks

In addition to offering a challenging work environment that will continue to expand the boundaries of your knowledge and expertise, T2 Tech Group™ offers an attractive benefits package to take care of you and your family. Below is a summary of the major benefits we offer to all eligible, full-time employees.*

Be A Part of Something That Matters

T2 Tech Group provides innovative technology solutions to meet our clients’ overall goals. We strengthen organizations by leveraging an experienced team, balancing business and IT, providing unbiased solutions, and using a proven methodology.

To be the premier provider of IT consulting, bridging business and technology and enabling clients to achieve their full potential for those they serve.

Our approach calls for maximizing client resources and investments, unbiased advice, results-driven services, transparency in all our actions, and quality solutions that deliver considerable value.

Health Insurance

When it comes to health insurance, employees want options. At T2 Tech, we offer a wide range of health insurance plans. This provides the opportunity to choose a plan that best fits your specific needs and preferences. Most importantly, we offer generous contributions toward the company plan of your choice in order to minimize the burden of extravagant health insurance premiums. We offer up to $700/month toward coverage for individuals and up to $1,200/month toward coverage for individuals and dependents.

Dental and Vision Insurance

To ensure you can care for your teeth and eyes, we offer premium dental and vision plans. For you and your dependents, our company covers 100% of the monthly cost for both dental and vision premiums.


Retirement is a nice dream; we want to make it a reality. We offer a company-sponsored 401(k) profit-sharing plan with flexible investment options and a semi-monthly, non-elective company contribution valued at 3% of your base salary. We also participate in a safe harbor plan. Additional profit-sharing contributions may be made at the company’s discretion. Profit-sharing contributions are vested according to the plan’s terms and conditions.*


We want you to grow beyond your current roles and responsibilities, which is why we provide intentional opportunities for advancement within the company. Whether you want to advance to a senior engineer, program manager or even a partner, the sky is the limit. If you have the drive to grow and build upon your existing skills and experience, we’ll help you get there.


We offer commissions to reward you for new clients and employees that you introduce to the company. Exact commission percentages for new clients are calculated based on your level of involvement when securing new business. An official commission agreement will be available after your start date.

Paid Vacation and Time Off

To give employees a period of rest and relaxation away from work, T2 Tech provides paid vacation time off to fulltime employees. During the first years of service, employees can earn a total annualized accrual of 120 hours paid time off. After five years, employees accrue 160 hours of paid time off per year. T2 Tech also observes 10 paid holidays per year, including your birthday.


*This page is intended to provide a summary of benefits information. Detailed benefits information is subject to change and is included in the T2 Tech Group Employee Handbook, which will be provided on your first day at T2 Tech Group.

**When calculating bonuses and profit-sharing contributions to the 401(k), their combined value will be taken into consideration.


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