Blinders, Blinkers and Winkers

For those of us who didn’t grow up with horses, have you ever wondered why some horses have their eyes slightly covered up? Horse trainers use leather squares to keep their steeds focused and dissuade backward motion. Whether on racetracks, or contending with the distractions of road traffic, these blinders help keep their horses’ eyes forward, to maintain momentum and focus on what’s ahead.

Without specific goals and objectives, conversations, questions, and other incidental distractions can rapidly take your projects off course. Functioning like blinders, meeting agendas are the project manager’s effective tool to keep teams focused on a project’s purpose and momentum.

Meetings are a necessary component in any team effort to facilitate communication and make progress. How can you make the most efficient use of that time, stay on topic, and prevent unnecessary distractions to ensure progress and maximize productivity?

Have an agenda for every meeting and establish boundaries to facilitate staying on track. Set time limits and practice mindful focus on the agenda priorities to help stay the course and keep your project moving forward.

Key Takeaways:

  • Set a specific objective for each meeting with a detailed agenda
  • Communicate the agenda and objectives of the meeting in advance to allow participants to prepare and coordinate their other activities
  • Set strict time limits for team meetings (the shorter the better)
  • Stay on topic and time, often remind yourself of the objectives of the meeting

About the Author:

Santosh Kumar
Santosh has over 10 years of experience in network engineering and has architected highly-secure networks for some of the world’s largest healthcare and commercial organizations. As a senior-level engineer at T2 Tech Group, he oversees the design and implementation of network infrastructures for large enterprises, such as Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Verity Health System and Stanford Health Care. Prior to joining T2 Tech, Santosh’s experiences include acting as a cloud network design architect/consultant for Telstra and a senior network engineer and senior test engineer for Cisco System.

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