Narcissus Got a Bad Rap

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Greek mythology chronicled the demise of the demigod Narcissus, who obsessed upon his own reflection, with tragic results. Many ancient superstitions around the world purport it was risky, unlucky, or even fatal, to gaze at one’s reflection. In project management, reflection offers great and beneficial power. When team members reflect together, it provides a robust tool [...]

E.T. Phone Home

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Movie lovers remember the lovable E.T. character who had an unplanned adventure on Earth. Regardless of his exciting experiences and new friendships, he remained focused on his one mission: to ‘phone home’ and ultimately return to his home planet. As a project manager, it’s critical to maintain the same level of focus with each project, and [...]

For Healthcare Providers to Consider: Staying Agile with IT in Accelerating Times

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With the spread of COVID-19, strict new social distancing and shelter-in-place policies, the practice of working remotely and implementing applications that limit in-person interaction have become the new norm. Hospitals and health systems are now struggling with project managing the IT infrastructural challenges created by the sudden massive demand for remote technology to cope with the [...]

Embrace Change to Evolve

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According to the World Health Organization, a pandemic is declared when a new disease for which people do not have immunity spreads around the world beyond expectations. March 2020, COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and will forever change our lives. As a project manager, you are a leader and you have great influence over how to [...]

Sustainability and Continuity: How to support a remote workforce – NOW!

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Over the last couple of years, the option to work remotely has become more and more common amongst employers. As employers look to recruit top talent, employees are also looking for a flexible work environment and schedule. What feels like overnight, the luxury of working remote has now become a necessity during this state of emergency. [...]

Read Between the Lines

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Ill-considered communications can spark tragedy. In 1950, under Harry S. Truman’s administration, the Secretary of State of the United States was Dean Acheson. Acheson gave a public impromptu speech which North Korea interpreted as a ‘green light’ to invade the South without consequence, resulting in the Korean War. While project managers don’t face the same magnitude [...]

Eeny, meeny, miny moe: catch good talent by the toe

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As the Office and Recruitment Manager at T2 Tech Group, I am in charge of our hiring and onboarding process. With the help of James Rockenbach, our newly appointed Chief Strategy Officer, we have acquired new clients, exciting projects and therefore, we need to hire new talent. To put things into perspective, a single job posting [...]

Empower Trust

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In 2014, Whole Foods was hit with a lawsuit for not properly labeling products as genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Transparency quickly became a high priority for the company. The USDA now requires food manufacturers to disclose the presence of bioengineered ingredients by January 1, 2022. Whole Foods hopes that by making this commitment to GMO transparency, [...]

Target Practice

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Genghis Khan was the ultimate conqueror. He founded and expanded one of the largest empires the world has ever seen. There are some variations to the story, but in 1201, a warrior known as Zurgadai shot and killed Khan’s horse. Khan demanded to know who shot the arrow and Zurgadai boldly took credit for the shot. [...]

Just Start Something Already

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Dwight D. Eisenhower served as our 34th president of the United States and a World War II leader. During the war, he earned his five stars because he proved to be a diligent and effective leader who could think strategically. During a speech in 1957, Eisenhower said, “In preparing for battle I have always found that [...]