Managing Converged and Hyperconverged IT Projects

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If you are a project manager in the IT space you’ve probably come across the terms converged infrastructure, and hyperconverged appliance, which both essentially mean taking storage, compute and networking, and putting them together to be managed by a single interface. As many of our customers are thinking about it in some way, shape, or form, [...]

An Insider Q and A: Adopting Our Methodology

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After reading our previous blog post about lessons learned through playing sports and “The Story Behind the Name”, you’ll get a sense of our company’s values, drive and commitment to clients and projects. While professional basketball is a part of his past, Christopher Jackson, our newest project manager, still carries his commitment to excellence and strong [...]

A Migration Strategy for an Application-Centric World

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Over my career, I’ve worked on the EHR vendor side and as a vendor-neutral consultant, where I continue helping healthcare providers transform their technology infrastructure and clinical application environments. Every hospital I worked in hosted a plethora of applications with different requirements. Many of these have to be available 24x7 and carefully mapped to workflows specific [...]

You Know Your Data Center Strategy, Now What?

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Technology transitions in the healthcare industry can be challenging because even the smallest hospitals depend on hundreds of applications in a 24X7, always-on environment. In the patient care space, we need to minimize scheduled downtime and can’t afford unscheduled operational disruption. The complexity to manage data center projects is intensified further because every application is different [...]

Creating a Smarter Velocity Chart – Part 2

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In my previous blog entry, A Smarter Velocity Chart for Effective Communication, I explained what a velocity chart is and why it is an effective tool for communicating project information to stakeholders. In this write-up, I’ll provide a true-to-life IT scenario to detail the steps for creating velocity charts. Estimating Effort Developing a velocity chart starts [...]

A Smarter Velocity Chart for Effective Communication

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One of the primary tenets of project management is to effectively communicate project progress and status to stakeholders and business leadership. As a project manager working on large enterprise IT projects, one tool I find especially useful for delivering this information is the velocity chart T2 Tech Group developed for our reporting. To explain the workings [...]

How I Passed my PMP on the First Try

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As a program coordinator, analyst and subject matter expert, I’ve worked for over ten years assisting hospitals and large health systems develop, implement and optimize Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and other strategic organizational applications. From the business stakeholders to the clinicians who provide frontline care, the mission to improve these systems and integrate them into workflows [...]

Becoming a Certified Scrum Master

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At T2 Tech Group, we know the sky’s the limit when a talented group can efficiently coordinate their efforts toward a common goal. To this end, we use a hybrid-agile methodology that incorporates many leading schools of project management into a directed and team-empowering approach to enterprise IT. Because of Scrum’s flat structure, team focus, transparency, [...]

Video: Our Hybrid-agile Project Management Methodology

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From our combined experiences, we found agile techniques alone were ineffective for infrastructure projects. For the projects we work on, we must plan and prepare for future activities in a much more intentional way than just designing a piece of software. On the other hand, with a purely traditional waterfall or sequential process, we knew there [...]

101 for Project Managers: Conducting Stakeholder Meetings

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With the goal of making groups self sufficient, project managers keep teams accountable for fulfilling commitments in a timely manner. Like a coach and mentor that must empower a unified team’s players to guide themselves to victory, project managers need to provide the right governance framework and spirit to coordinate people, processes and technology to efficiently [...]