A Journey to Self-Service Analytics: A HIMSS Published Article

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As a longtime HIMSS member and active participant in the Southern California HIMSS Chapter, my article, “A Journey to Self-Service Analytics,” was published in the SoCal HIMSS Q3 2017 Newsletter. The blog, also posted here, reflects on the transformation healthcare has been undergoing with data management and the journey to effective data governance and self-service analytics. You can [...]

Pilot IT Solutions with the T2 Tech Lab

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When making IT changes, teams need to test certain infrastructures and capabilities and pilot implementations. This helps them determine optimal solutions and ensures minimal service loss during a go-live. As a hospital IT director, I frequently had to perform this testing and piloting in a timely and resource-efficient manner. With our onsite data center, the T2 [...]

Why Data Analytics Is Not Living up to the Hype in Healthcare, Yet

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I recently attended the HIMSS Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum in San Francisco. The event was a great opportunity to learn from peers at other healthcare organizations who presented their data and analytics work. A plethora of vendors who specialize in healthcare analytics pitching solutions around the hottest new technology developments, such as natural language [...]

The T2 Tech Lab: An In-house Data Center and Testing Environment

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As vendor agnostic IT consultants serving large enterprises in healthcare and other industries, T2 Tech Group’s engineering team must work with a vast array of technologies. Due to our company’s growth, we recently moved to a new headquarters facility. With the new office, our leadership made a multimillion dollar investment in a powerful onsite data center, [...]

An Engineer’s Perspective: What to Consider When Migrating to Windows 10

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Migrating to Windows 10 can be the first step in introducing a new world of end-user computing. The plans you put in place today will have implications for years to come, so it is necessary to develop a roadmap that supports your business. Windows 10 is indeed a major change, but the roadblocks involved with change [...]

Preparing a Data Center for an Application Centric Infrastructure

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Now-a-days, you may not see an IT infrastructure article without buzzwords like software-defined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV), OpenStack, application centric infrastructure (ACI), NSX, etc. At one point, these technologies were initially being marketed solely for cloud providers, but today, there is a huge swing in the industry. Large and medium-sized organizations are considering the [...]

An Example of the Vendor Selection Process in Healthcare

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As more healthcare organizations move to leading-edge technologies, they are looking to optimize IT ecosystems with apps that cut costs and improve workflows. These efforts involve efficiently managing the vendor selection process and overseeing the implementation of new systems. My company, T2 Tech Group, helps health systems manage the various phases of the vendor management lifecycle. [...]

Addressing the Gap Between Technological Innovation and Improved Patient Care

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I've spent over 30 years in healthcare leadership roles and have served as CIO for several hospitals and health systems. One of the largest challenges I've faced is ensuring technology improves point-of-care environments without burdening clinical workflows. Solutions that would revolutionize many care environments are already available, but they are often underutilized. To maximize investments and [...]

Our Move to Enterprise Level in the VMware Solution Provider Program

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Last time I posted, I wrote about my experience at VMworld 2016. I have closely followed the company for nearly a decade and have implemented their virtualization solutions for a growing number of esteemed clients in healthcare and other industries. Now, as T2 Tech continues to grow into a leading technology consulting company, I am pleased [...]