Five Considerations When Migrating to Unified Communications

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Whether your organization spans multiple locations across the globe or you'e a medium-sized business with one office, unified communications can equip teams with a suite of multimedia tools that increase mobility and allow for more productive collaboration. After working as an IT systems engineer for over 15 years, I've learned that every organization will have unique [...]

The Value in Healthcare IT Assessments

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Today's healthcare IT environment is constantly evolving. Additionally, healthcare providers find themselves in a competitive landscape and manage restricted resources to meet limited budgets. As an example, some issues faced by providers include the following: Rapidly evolving technology is creating a push for redundancy, virtualized environments and cost-effective applications that better serve clinical needs; Federal acts [...]

An Expert Opinion: Collaboration and Unified Communications Q and A with Allen Theerasatiankul

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Organizations are constantly seeking the best technologies to better coordinate team interactions, enable collaboration and improve mobility. The organizations we work with are seeking solutions that lead to efficient, secure and scalable collaboration tools, and they require a methodology to successfully implement these capabilities. Although organizations have clear objectives in this area, the landscape for collaboration [...]

Have Long-term Direction, but Don’t Get Tied to an Inescapably Exacting Plan

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In Japan during the 1970s, Taiichi Ohno pioneered just-in-time manufacturing within Toyota manufacturing plants. This manufacturing management philosophy minimizes waste by striving to avoid unnecessary production and precisely meet customer demand. While traditional methods of IT project management may have emphasized detailed, lock step planning, some methods forego an elaborate plan for a simple vision statement [...]

Common Pitfalls When Planning a VDI Implementation

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Implementing VDI is a major undertaking. When tackling a project of this magnitude, there are a number of common pitfalls that can cause unnecessary complications. However, with adequate foresight, most of these problem can be avoided. For the sake of simplicity, I have outline three common pitfalls that we have seen organizations overlook on a number [...]

PVS Cache in RAM with Disk Overflow

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One of the biggest barriers for entry in deploying Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is the cost required to implement high-speed storage. In many cases, existing storage platforms are not capable of supporting high-performance VDI environments. This is primarily due to VDI's atypical storage workload - requiring a high write-to-read ratio. Typically, enterprise storage is optimized to [...]