Education to Revolutionize Your Workforce

2020-07-17T10:46:09-07:00Categories: Company Insights, T2 Tech Blog|

Former President of South Africa and Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. The power of education extends beyond the development of skills we need for economic success. It can contribute to nation-building and reconciliation." Mandela Day is celebrated on the [...]

When Team Members Don’t Support Each Other, Everyone Suffers

2020-07-30T16:21:38-07:00Categories: Company Insights, Project Management Insights, T2 Tech Blog|

In 2015, the Washington Nationals had arguably one of MLB’s most talented rosters but they struggled to even make the playoffs. At the bottom of the eighth inning, in a tied game against the Philadelphia Phillies, pitcher Jonathan Papelbon expressed frustration with Bryce Harper for his poor performance at bat, which led to a physical altercation [...]

The Importance of Clear Communications

2020-07-30T17:14:24-07:00Categories: Company Insights, Project Management Insights, T2 Tech Blog|

When people are in danger and need help, three letters are more important than any others: S-O-S. Even though some say that this universal distress signal stands for “save our ship” or “save our souls,” the letters actually don’t mean anything at all. Why, then, did the Morse Code operators choose them? For a simple reason: the three short dots of the “S” followed by the three longer dashes of the “O” are the easiest sounds [...]

Eeny, meeny, miny moe: catch good talent by the toe

2020-03-10T16:30:35-07:00Categories: Company Insights, T2 Tech Blog|

As the Office and Recruitment Manager at T2 Tech Group, I am in charge of our hiring and onboarding process. With the help of James Rockenbach, our newly appointed Chief Strategy Officer, we have acquired new clients, exciting projects and therefore, we need to hire new talent. To put things into perspective, a single job posting [...]

Celebrating Milestones at T2 Tech Group

2020-02-06T15:15:52-08:00Categories: Company Insights, Project Management Insights, T2 Tech Blog, Team Stories|

As the Business Development and Marketing Intern at T2 Tech Group, I’ve been able to meet and work with the team on a couple of different projects. I was excited when I was presented with the opportunity to interview Leigh Sleeman, a Senior IT Project Manager and Partner at T2 Tech Group. Leigh is an office [...]

Join T2 Tech Group to do the Best Work of your Life

2020-02-06T15:11:03-08:00Categories: Company Insights, Robert Konishi's Blogs, T2 Tech Blog|

T2 Tech Group provides the opportunity for highly motivated professionals to work with the nation’s leading healthcare organizations on groundbreaking technology initiatives that impact the provisioning of healthcare services. We were recently named by the Los Angeles Business Journal as one of the top 25 small companies to work for. Those looking for their next career [...]

An Insider Q and A: Adopting Our Methodology

2020-02-06T14:49:46-08:00Categories: Company Insights, Project Management Insights, T2 Tech Blog, Team Stories|

After reading our previous blog post about lessons learned through playing sports and “The Story Behind the Name”, you’ll get a sense of our company’s values, drive and commitment to clients and projects. While professional basketball is a part of his past, Christopher Jackson, our newest project manager, still carries his commitment to excellence and strong [...]

Intern Insights: 5 Lessons from My Summer Internship

2020-02-06T14:46:23-08:00Categories: Company Insights, T2 Tech Blog, Team Stories|

Three months ago, I stepped foot into the T2 Tech Group office to join their growing team of talented individuals. I felt nervous, but excited, knowing that they provide services to some of the most respected healthcare organizations in the nation. Looking back on my time spent supporting the business development team, my internship with T2 [...]

Teamwork Beyond the Playing Fields

2020-02-06T14:39:11-08:00Categories: Company Insights, Robert Konishi's Blogs, T2 Tech Blog, Team Stories|

John Wooden, one of the most revered coaches in the history of sports who led his teams to a number of NCAA college basketball championships and coached some of the greatest basketball players in the history of the game, stated, “A player who makes a team great is more valuable than a great player.” Just like [...]

An Insider Q and A: Reflections from My Summer Internship at T2 Tech

2018-01-24T13:57:08-08:00Categories: Company Insights, T2 Tech Blog|

With many large-scale technology projects in their queue and a growing company culture, T2 Tech Group (T2 Tech) recently brought on several interns to assist and learn from their experienced team. While working with Gill Torf, the company’s office manager, I was asked a series of questions about my internship. I’m presenting my answers in the [...]

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