Communicating Our Brand Through a New Tagline

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To be effective, a brand needs to be the core of a business, and it needs to reflect the principles of its team. In our case, T2 Tech prides itself on building trust through consistently delivering value to clients and supporting an environment that attracts highly-skilled IT professionals. This philosophy along with our unique abilities and [...]

Best Blogs of 2016

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To share T2 Tech Group's values and insights to potential clients and partners and expand our communications, we began blogging in 2016. Since May, we've released over 30 blogs on a variety of topics, such as project management, best practices in the industry, and the perspectives of experienced subject matter experts. Now, as the year winds [...]

T2 Tech’s 2016 Year-End Recap

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The picture above shows some of the team members who attended our year-end celebration. 2016 has been an incredible year for T2 Tech Group, and we all had a great time reflecting on achievements and looking towards the future. With new clients and a great amount of team growth, we are becoming a larger business. As [...]

A New Office and a Thriving Culture

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I feel fortunate to be in a position where I can proudly advance my career in marketing with a company that's willing to support my personal and professional efforts. We're currently building a collaborative environment for a prosperous sales and marketing team. And we've started to create an even stronger foundation that will help us continue [...]

A Professional Leap

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The opportunity for personal development, a dynamic work environment and a successful track record with strong prospects are attributes many professionals seek when looking to join a company. My past career path was built on the notion of being a contributor in a large, industry-leading organization. As my knowledge level grew and skills refined, I became [...]

Our Newsletter Release

2017-08-01T18:38:02-07:00Categories: Company Insights, Kevin Torf's Blogs, T2 Tech Blog|

We are beginning a new phase at T2 Tech, which includes embarking on new IT initiatives with Verity Health System and Sharp Healthcare and continuing our work at Kootenai Health after a five-year project. I am also pleased to announce that T2 Tech has issued its first newsletter. The newsletter aligns with our communication outreach, including [...]

Verity Health System and T2 Tech: A Partnership Built on Trust

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Much of IT consulting is about trust; our clients engage us because they know we can bring value-driven results by providing advisory services, technology strategy and efficient project management. As a team of subject matter experts frequently brought on to improve IT, it is our responsibility to live up to the level of trust our clients [...]

A Culture About People

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As a company grows, the culture becomes more important. Addressing this aspect of an organization will ensure teams continue to provide high-quality services that meet our clients' requirements and reinforce crucial values, methodologies and priorities. Recently, T2 Tech has had the good fortune of successfully completing strategic projects for our existing client base and beginning work [...]

The Story Behind the Name

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Since my first blog post about our rebranding, people have been inquiring about our name, T2 Tech Group, and what the T2 part actually stands for. I didn't follow a "how-to" guide, but I'm excited and proud to share my story. Trying to exemplify our company's expertise, value and uniqueness, there were a couple major factors [...]

A Technical Internship for IT Praxis

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I'm Weston Sleeman, a young professional and an intern working in the T2 Tech office. I have always been interested in the IT world and am enjoying the opportunity to work in a cutting edge environment. I began programming at age seven and have enjoyed it ever since. Programs I've written include the following: the most [...]