Steps for Beginning Vendor Relations

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In 2017 the North American healthcare technology market is forecasted to be at $31.3 billion, and the number of software and hardware vendors servicing the healthcare industry continues to climb. In some cases, I've seen the count of vendors exceed the number of patient beds within a facility. With the continual digitalization of healthcare, managing infrastructure [...]

Uniting IT teams With The Right Project Manager

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In some of my past blog entries, I have written about the advantages of an iterative approach to IT project execution, the power of continual reflection between iterations and using a hybrid methodology. In this post, I want to switch gears and focus on the project manager. As a point of contact among teams and stakeholders, [...]

Our Newsletter Release

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We are beginning a new phase at T2 Tech, which includes embarking on new IT initiatives with Verity Health System and Sharp Healthcare and continuing our work at Kootenai Health after a five-year project. I am also pleased to announce that T2 Tech has issued its first newsletter. The newsletter aligns with our communication outreach, including [...]

Have Long-term Direction, but Don’t Get Tied to an Inescapably Exacting Plan

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In Japan during the 1970s, Taiichi Ohno pioneered just-in-time manufacturing within Toyota manufacturing plants. This manufacturing management philosophy minimizes waste by striving to avoid unnecessary production and precisely meet customer demand. While traditional methods of IT project management may have emphasized detailed, lock step planning, some methods forego an elaborate plan for a simple vision statement [...]

Adjusting Your Strategy to Win the Game: Hybrid Methods in IT Project Planning

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As an avid chess player, I can attest that a proven, sound strategy can be the key to victory. However, using the same strategy doesn't always work. Winning sometimes requires the adoption of varying strategies to adjust to new opponents and different styles of play. This same lesson can be applied to rebuilding a healthcare organization's [...]

Continual Reflection: An Agile Element to Hone and Prepare IT Projects

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The article "The New New Product Development Game" published in the Harvard Business Review by Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka in 1986 was foundational to the development of agile-type methods of project management. In the article, they compared project management to rugby, a sport where everybody has to contribute. Collaboration while playing rugby is especially important [...]

Iteration is a Powerful Tool in Project Management

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In his book Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell argued that roughly 10,000 hours of practice can make you a master in any field. Gladwell's theory demonstrates the value grit and effort bring to success, but achieving excellence in our competitive society requires going beyond the sheer amount of time invested. Along with hard work and determination, success [...]

The Art of Execution

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Whether its painting, education, science or information technology, we all have particular passions that enrich our lives, supply us with an inner drive and connect us with the world. For me, information technology has been my passion, and as I continue to practice what I love, I am constantly propelled into new frontiers and pushed to [...]