New Hires Accelerate T2 Tech’s Agility

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Los Angeles, Calif. – April 26, 2019 – With a strong start to Q1, T2 Tech Group continues to bring in new expertise to expand, enrich and sharpen its IT consulting practice. Los Angeles-based T2 Tech Group (T2 Tech) recently added Engineer, Jonathan Aparicio and Assistant Controller, Chelsey Ernstoff to its responsive consulting team, emphasizing IT [...]

T2 Tech Adds New Experts to Amp Up Business Development and Project Management

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Los Angeles, Calif. – April 24, 2019 – Recent practice growth motivated T2 Tech Group to add top-tier personnel in business development and project management. T2 Tech Group (T2 Tech) begins 2019 by announcing the addition of two new team members to the firm, Geri Pavia as VP of Business Development and Veré Davis as Healthcare [...]

T2 Tech Group Increases Recruitment Efforts to Accommodate Clientele

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Los Angeles, Calif – April 24, 2018 – With an increase in new clients, the Los Angeles based IT consulting firm is looking to add new talent to their team, specifically technical project managers with experience in healthcare. These additions will be critical components to accommodate recent client growth initiatives. “We are always looking to add [...]

Transition 2 – ‘Stadium to the Sea’

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Los Angeles, Calif – March 27, 2018 – Several members of the Los Angeles based IT consulting firm once again live up to their name by conquering the recent 2018 Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon. T2 Tech Group (T2 Tech) founder and managing partner, Robert Konishi has set the tone for the consulting firm’s culture by [...]

Sleeman to Become Partner at T2 Tech Group

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Los Angeles, Calif  - January 3, 2018 - T2 Tech Group, a premier provider of IT consulting, announced today that Leigh Sleeman will assume the position of Partner effective January 1, 2018. Sleeman currently serves as a Senior Program Manager, with a 17-year career in healthcare technology. Sleeman joined T2 Tech Group as a Program Manager [...]

T2 Tech Group Develops Application Migration Methodology

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Los Angeles, Calif. — November 16, 2017 — To aid healthcare organizations needing to shift to a variety of modern data center solutions, T2 Tech Group™ (T2 Tech) developed a methodology for migrating healthcare organizations’ applications with minimal operational disruption and risks. As detailed in T2 Tech’s recently published application migration methodology white paper, the approach [...]

T2 Tech Group Launches Visual IT Notification System Product, T2 Alert Insight

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Los Angeles, Calif. — June 21, 2017 — IT helpdesks need to quickly answer and triage problems, incidents and service requests. To help organizations quickly cut through the noise, T2 Tech Group (T2 Tech) developed T2 Alert Insight - a real-time visual notification system with a centralized dashboard and customized email alerts. The consulting group is [...]

Sharp HealthCare IT and T2 Tech Group PMs Implement Disaster Recovery Solution

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Los Angeles, Calif. — August 9, 2017 —Sharp HealthCare (Sharp) and T2 Tech Group (T2 Tech) successfully completed the design and implementation of a redundant architecture and disaster recovery site and released a case study to chronicle their journey. The site was built at the Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group facility in San Diego, California. Completing the [...]

LA-based IT Consulting Firm T2 Tech Unveils Redesigned Website

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Los Angeles, Calif. — July 28, 2017 — To match its client-centric culture and cutting-edge services, T2 Tech Group™ (T2 Tech) is pleased to announce the launch of its newly refurbished website – The new website has a clean design and improved interfaces for mobile and desktop browsers. It also features new and improved content [...]

Powerful Onsite Data Center, Called the T2 Tech Lab, is Now Offered to T2 Tech Group Clients

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Los Angeles, Calif. - May 11, 2017 - Avoiding business interruption and using resources efficiently are integral elements of implementing technology changes. To better serve its clients, vendor agnostic IT consulting firm T2 Tech Group recently made a multimillion-dollar investment in a powerful onsite data center called the T2 Tech Lab. This lab will streamline IT [...]