Communication Is Key

Collaboration technologies improve team communication and enable mobility. By investing in these solutions, your team can resume operations from remote locations on a variety of devices and improve backend and upfront operations. When organizations are considering collaboration technologies, we can help IT leadership determine if their infrastructure is ready to accommodate certain solutions, and we can pinpoint what available products best align with business requirements and goals.

Enterprise-wide Technology Consulting

We have expertise in a wide range of technology solutions and can see projects from assessment to post-implementation support. Learn more about our services.

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Leverage Our Expertise And Optimize Your ROI

Whether you’re looking to implement VoIP or video conferencing tools on a cloud or on premises, successfully rolling out these solutions and aligning them with your organization’s strategy can require specialists and experienced project managers. These experts can make sure the connected devices you invest in are reliable and secure, and they can help you optimize the network and computing resources these systems depend on.

Additionally, a team experienced in implementing this technology can negotiate with vendors to secure the best fitting solution at a premium value, and they can work with your technical and operational teams to integrate these technologies into workflows. Using our hybrid-agile methodology, T2 Tech Group™ can assess your IT environment and design and implement collaboration and unified communications solutions. We’re comprised of collaboration, network and other engineers along with skilled project managers and executive leaders who’ve had considerable success integrating this technology into large commercial, government and healthcare enterprises. We’re also vendor neutral and committed to bringing value to our clients and partners.

Our Expertise In Healthcare

If you require healthcare-specific services, we have dedicated staff who specialize in analyzing unique healthcare applications and IT environments. Our team also has a wealth of experience integrating collaboration technologies into clinical and technical workflows, and we can help improve clinical efficiency through solutions such as improved nurse call systems, telemedicine, and updated emergency response systems. We’re frequently brought on to see the entirety of IT projects, and our solutions in healthcare have resulted in streamlined and secure access to patient information, real-time update capabilities, increased patient engagement and improved patient outcomes via more coordinated care teams. Contact us today to speak to one of our IT specialists.

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Design A Comprehensive Collaboration Architecture

We can help you leverage collaboration technologies for more effective communications.

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