Data Center And Infrastructure Modernization And Consolidation

Properly designed and maintained data centers are a foundational component of mission-critical IT infrastructures. As healthcare providers and other industries continue to compile more electronic data and rely more heavily on on-premise and off-premise IT infrastructure, data centers and cloud environments continue to grow in importance.

T2 Tech Group™ understands the intricacies of data centers from HVAC, facilities and power to servers, storage, networking and cabling. Whether you operate on a local or global level, T2 Tech can assist you with new data center construction projects and complex data center retrofits to support ongoing organizational objectives. Our in-depth technical knowledge, grounding in industry best-practices and understanding of regulatory requirements enable us to deliver solutions for your unique data center transformation project.

Insider Information For Your DC Project

We have a proven methodology to help organizations migrate applications during a data center modernization project. Learn about our application migration methodology approach.

Our expert team can help you assess your environment and design and implement the right solution. Download our data center service flyer.

IT Environment Assessment And Vendor Management For Optimal Results

Your chosen solution has a direct impact on budgets and business operations. To ensure the best ROI, you’ll need to gather IT requirements, determine business needs and select a vendor. Our comprehensive IT assessments can help you build a full picture of what is required for data management. Once you know what is required, we can help you build a budget, timeline and strategic roadmap that will streamline design and implementation.

When it comes time to select a supplier, our vendor agnostic team of experienced IT business leaders can help you conduct site visits, score vendors fairly and negotiate for a premium value. We can also help you integrate solutions into organizational processes, pick a service plan that aligns with your IT resources and make sure staffing is as efficient as possible.

Architect And Implement Your Data Management Solution

For optimal operations, data needs to be readily accessible and secure. Your data must also be properly managed and easily shared with people who can use it to make a difference. When data is mass produced or captured in highly disparate sources, it can become unorganized and hard to manage. To help you properly manage your data, we can work with your team to design and implement a solution that will increase utilization and keep costs low.

We are comprised of network, infrastructure, virtualization and storage experts along with skilled project managers and executive leaders. Whether your needs require cloud services, colocation, an in-house data center, or a hybrid approach, we can leverage our interdisciplinary team to best meet your strategic, budgetary and security needs. We can also use our hybrid-agile methodology to facilitate an adaptive execution, communicate clearly with stakeholders, and finish projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our Experience In Healthcare

With EHRs, digital imaging and various data-intensive applications along with strict security regulations and a need for readily available data with interoperability, data centers are more important than ever in healthcare. Healthcare organizations can increase operational efficiency and reap significant cost savings by consolidating equipment through virtualization, upgrading network and storage infrastructure, and coordinating EHRs and other applications with our use of best-practice data center strategy.

To meet unique healthcare requirements, we leverage an experienced team of healthcare CIOs, project managers, clinical application specialists and technical experts. Using our team, we can help complete data center builds, updates and migrations on time and within budget. We can also see projects from assessment to post-implementation and can coordinate data center and cloud solutions with other initiatives during complete IT transformations. Contact us today to speak to one of our technical experts.

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Recent Data Center Projects

Verity Health

Formerly known as Daughters of Charity, Verity Health System brought on T2 Tech to orchestrate a major transformation of its IT infrastructure and operations. As part of this project, T2 Tech is consolidating six aging and inefficient data centers into two new state-of-the-art colocation facilities. The new facilities provide a fully redundant, secure and high-speed environment to support six care facilities across NorCal and SoCal. View Client Story

Kootenai Health

Kootenai Health and T2 Tech transformed Kootenai’s IT infrastructure. During the transformation, the team consolidated the health system’s data center and adopted a virtual environment where a single piece of hardware hosted multiple apps. This allowed the team to reduce the number of rows of racks in the data center by a third and enabled more efficient utilization and cooling. View Client Story.

Sharp Healthcare

Sharp HealthCare is working with T2 Tech on a data center transformation initiative. Working together, Sharp and T2 Tech successfully designed and implemented a redundant architecture and disaster recovery solution. Now, the team is migrating out of the Sharp Operations Center data center. At the end of the project, Sharp will have redundancy to support failover along with a state-of-the-art, highly-secure primary data center. View Client Story.

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