Managing Data For Actionable Analytic Insight

Organizations must consider data lakes, data warehousing, big data and data governance when developing a modern-day data management program. To ensure data are leveraged optimally, IT must enable a federated approach toward data management that aligns the data assets, technologies, processes, culture and governance with organizational strategy. This management approach along with the right analytics strategy can ensure the person closest to the problem has access to the right data at the right time.

At T2 Tech, we turn data assets into transformative tools by working with clients to build strong data management foundations and effective business intelligence and analytics programs. We are comprised of CIOs and CTOs, experienced data management experts, and efficient project managers.

Our consultants have experience leading the development and rollout of enterprise data management platforms and analytics services for some of the largest and most respected healthcare providers and commercial businesses in the United States. Over their careers, they have turned large health systems and businesses with paper-based record systems or underutilized and unstructured data assets into data-driven industry leaders.

Build An Empowering Analytics Strategy

Healthcare is still developing and must take a holistic approach to analytics-based improvements to care. Learn more about our program manager’s perspective in his blog, Why Data Analytics Is Not Living up to the Hype in Healthcare, Yet.

Our Partner’s HIMSS-published blog reflects on the transformation healthcare has been undergoing with data management and the journey to effective data governance and self-service analytics. Read A Journey to Self-Service Analytics.

Comprehensive Data Strategy And Execution


T2 Tech can provide a comprehensive technical assessment of your current enterprise data management platform, including your current enterprise data warehouse, governance structure and the departmental stakeholder practices that may be contributing to data consistency standards across the organization. Based on identified gaps, the assessment will provide a solid roadmap for achieving your organizational goals around business intelligence and analytics.

IT Strategy And Design

We listen closely to client requirements and match the optimal solution to your organizational goals and capabilities. Whether you are still comparing data in Excel spreadsheets and manually pulling reports from disparate systems or are already using advanced solutions like cognitive processing technologies, we take a holistic and vendor agnostic design approach that gets you to the next data management level.

Implementation And Program Management

Using our hybrid-agile methodology, our program managers and subject matter experts can help you select and manage vendors and coordinate the relevant internal parties to make sure changes are integrated into your organization’s culture and processes with minimal business interruption. We will also work closely with client teams to prepare them to self-sufficiently manage their enterprise data management processes and technology.

Analytics In Healthcare

When healthcare organizations need to improve quality and business operations, they now look for data as empirical evidence that supports the best course of action. To meet this need, organizations need consistent and reliable data to support targeted decision making. Ensuring data is properly managed is a foundational step for organizations seeking to fully capitalize on advanced analytics capabilities.

Building a successful business intelligence and analytics program for healthcare often involves passing many milestones before advanced analytics technologies can be fully leveraged for value. A typical journey for healthcare organizations as they become better at interpreting data can involve the following steps:

  1. Basic reporting: Data is being leveraged cumbersomely. Data may be siloed in various departments, it may be logged in an unorganized array of spreadsheets and reporting the data to the people who need it can take a long time.
  2. Foundational analytics: A data governance is being leveraged, and data is more centralized. The structured and unstructured use of shared data helps produce useful information like cost of care intelligence.
  3. Predictive and prescriptive analytics: The data is shared more efficiently, is more integrated into different technologies and can be leveraged to develop preemptive strategies. Using centralized data from a wide variety of sources, organizations can further develop many useful programs, such as population health analytics, evidence-based medicine, streaming analytics and similarity analytics. These programs facilitate proactive interventions and improve patient outcomes.
  4. Cognitive analytics: Organizations are on the forefront and leading the way for other providers. With better natural language understanding and artificial intelligence, their systems feature dynamic learning for optimal care guidance. This technology opens the door for clinical content analysis, Watson applications, guided consumer experiences, personalized healthcare, and other possibilities.

Our team members have orchestrated business intelligence and analytics transformations for leading healthcare organizations such as City of Hope, NYU Langone Medical Center and Kootenai Health. Whether you need data-driven insights to support expansion through new network partnerships or need to build an empirically-based path to more value-based care, we can guide you through each step of your data management journey and build lasting programs to get the right data in the right hands at the right time. Contact us to speak to one of our healthcare experts today.

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