Are Your Technology Assets Resilient?

Whatever your type of enterprise, technology assets and data are essential resources. Your routine business operations simply can’t function without your information infrastructure. And yesterday’s records are just as important as today’s. Access to historical data and its ready availability can help you identify trends, make better decisions and increase efficiency. As businesses grow, more assets and more data are accumulated from diverse sources and interdependent systems. Therefore, preparing for events such as unexpected disasters or outages becomes essential to operating and maintaining your current  information systems. A fire can destroy a facility, but an IT exposure could jeopardize the continuity, viability and even the survival of the entire organization. Short-term risks from temporary outages can disrupt workflows and therefore jeopardize operations and revenue. Greater threats and long-term impacts could result from loss of access to or information in the organization’s knowledge base. 

Enterprise-wide Technology Consulting

Our IT assessments service reviews crucial components, such as architecture, the deployment of resources and operational efficiency, and it provides recommendations for remediation.

With our IT strategy and design service, we analyze all relevant components of IT projects, such as integration, hardware consolidation, efficient design of processes and automation, and appropriate capability sourcing models to maximize the value of IT assets.

Our IT project management service provides clients with direction and focus, so high-quality solutions can be implemented in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Custom Fit Solutions

At T2 Tech Group™, we understand what is required to design, plan and implement a solid disaster recovery plan. We include the development of architectural diagrams of the platform, a failover process, runbooks and playbooks. We then work with your team to test failover procedures and functionalities for each of the applications. We do it all without taking down the production site or causing any disruption or degradation of normal business activity.

Documentation and Testing

Engaging with T2 Tech to develop, update and implement a formal disaster recovery plan can ensure the viability — and the very survival — of your organization. Any developments within the organizational structure, such as mergers, acquisitions or new regional or global initiatives, must be addressed and incorporated into disaster recovery documentation.

Our customized solution will focus on testing the plan periodically to make sure that it works — now and as your systems continue to evolve. During each step of the process, we will work with your organization’s objectives and requirements to determine the most practical solution and cadence.

Benefits of Outside Consultation 

The benefits of using an outside firm include objectivity, competitive situational awareness, experience and technological currency. Our comprehensive expertise allows us to work with a wide variety of industries. We can assess, design and implement a customized disaster recovery strategy tailored to your suite of applications. Working closely with you, our we develop custom-fit solutions for each environment. Contact us to speak to one of our specialists today.

Results that clients have achieved by working with us include the following benefits:

  • Increased resiliency

  • Scalability while maintaining disaster readiness 

  • Validation of disaster plans with no business interruptions

  • Detailed playbooks on how to perform in a disaster

  • Governance and process training

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Let Us Know How We Can Help

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