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T2 Tech Group™ provides IT project management services for healthcare organizations and a wide variety of other industries. Our highly-experienced project and program managers maintain a track record of successfully completing large, complex IT projects on time and on budget. Whether you’re implementing new IT infrastructure, systems or applications; performing an IT assessment; or driving IT operational improvements, T2 Tech delivers consistent results that can drive success forward for your next project. When we take on IT project management, we establish a clear direction for meeting your objectives in the shortest time possible and within a specified budget. By employing proven project management methodologies, your projects maintain a proper course, and roadblocks are overcome along the way. This helps control costs and ensures consistent results.


We use best practices to develop a governance framework, charter, budget controls and reporting.

Upfront planning ensures a solid framework guides teams to success.


Our approach increases productivity by being team-based, iterative, transparent and reflective.

We empower teams to consistently work better, avoid rework and adapt to change.


Our method ensures teams can work on projects and complete existing operational responsibilities.

We ensure you complete your project with minimal business interruption.


Our framework, dashboards and performance charts can show where you need to go and how to get there.

Our toolset can help you organize effort, monitor progress and achieve optimal results.

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Improve Efficiency With Our Hybrid-Agile Methodology

Unlike many other organizations who provide IT project management services, T2 Tech employs a unique blend of project management methodologies to improve the effectiveness and success of your projects. Waterfall principles provide appropriate project management processes, reporting and governance, and agile techniques streamline project execution through improved collaboration and increased productivity. This unique approach provides flexibility to address changing requirements throughout the project life cycle, and it helps teams maintain course to meet the project vision on time and within budget.

T2 Tech’s experienced project and program management staff come from diverse backgrounds and have managed numerous IT projects with budgets of over $20 – $100 million. These projects served the needs of some of the most respected organizations in the world, including UCLA Health, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, AT&T, Microsoft, Symantec, Packard Bell, Starwood Hotels, MGM and Cerner Corporation. Download the T2 Tech project management flyer for more information.

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Kootenai Health

With Kootenai, T2 Tech provided guidance for over 30 IT projects, managed a $22 million strategic IT insourcing plan, supplied over five years of IT project management and saved them over $3 million through vendor negotiations. In addition to cost savings, our efforts contributed to improved performance, more scalable and efficient infrastructure, and technology-inspired workflow and patient care improvements. | View Kootenai and T2 Tech story | Download PDF

Verity Health

Verity Health System engaged in a major effort to upgrade and transform operations. As part of this initiative, T2 Tech built and managed a data center strategy to decommission six aging and inefficient data centers into two new, state-of-the-art colocation facilities. T2 Tech also provided interim leadership, managed VDI rollouts, and managed numerous other IT upgrades. | View Verity Health and T2 Tech press release

Sharp HealthCare

The San Diego-based health system is working with T2 Tech to relocate its data center and optimize IT infrastructure and disaster recovery (DR). To date, T2 Tech helped Sharp complete the system build, the testing and the documentation for Sharp’s redundant architecture implementation. For Sharp’s DR migration, T2 Tech project management oversaw the migration of 180+ cabinets and 60+ applications with minimal business disruption.| View Sharp and T2 Tech story | Download PDF

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