Business-Aligned IT Roadmap

T2 Tech can develop a modern and reliable IT infrastructure and application architecture that aligns with your business and operational needs. With our IT strategy and design service, we analyze all current projects, governance, process, budgets and resources. This planning and design culminate in an architecture blueprint, a roadmap, a project plan, a financial schedule and an operational management strategy. Our goal is to make IT a strategic advantage not a cost burden to the organization.

Service from IT Experts

Our strategists have extensive healthcare industry and vendor knowledge. Our executive team is comprised of former CIOs, CTOs and CISOs.

Our Strategy Work

Kootenai Health: A Five-Year Partnership

To improve the quality and breadth of the care it provides, Kootenai Health partnered with T2 Tech to restructure every aspect of its IT ecosystem. This challenging endeavor included managing staff, reworking Kootenai Health’s network, virtualizing the hospital’s data center and bringing the control of their EHR system in-house. To support the IT renewal project, T2 Tech brought to bear its complete portfolio of capabilities, addressing every aspect of Kootenai’s technology lineup to rebuild its entire ecosystem. After nearly five years of effort, T2 Tech helped the hospital’s IT team complete the major objectives of the Kootenai project, while work continues on other tasks. The wholesale upgrade of Kootenai’s IT infrastructure is yielding widespread improvements in hospital costs, efficiency and patient care. | View Kootenai and T2 Tech story | Download PDF

QueensCare Health Centers: A Nine-Month Journey of IT Transformation

Throughout the years, QueensCare Health Centers made progressive IT investments to keep pace with an increasing patient population; however, over time, those systems became fragmented and were unable to scale with rising demand. As dependency upon automation grew, a lack of enterprise-level training made the future of these diverse systems tenuous, if not unmanageable, as QueensCare Health Centers aimed to expand their IT infrastructure to improve clinical staff efficiencies and optimize patient outcomes. QueensCare Health Centers engaged T2 Tech Group to develop and implement an IT transformation plan as increased demand strained an environment already running at capacity. After completing a 2-month IT assessment, T2 Tech collaborated with executive and clinical leadership at QHC to define organizational objectives, establish requirements and outline priorities for the transformation project. We developed a comprehensive plan, budget and schedule to mitigate critical infrastructure risks and improve IT operating procedures. | View QueensCare Health Centers Transformation

St. Johns Health Center: A Partner in IT expansion and Other Initiatives

In the midst of a health center campus expansion, St. John’s Health Center’s leadership became concerned about the state of their current IT environment and its ability to support additional facilities and other long-term objectives. However, they lacked the necessary resources and expertise to quickly assess their IT environment and develop a plan to address their immediate risks as well as support their long-term objectives. Shortly thereafter, SJHC engaged T2 Tech Group because of their excellent track record in advisory and management of complex IT initiatives. After identifying critical gaps in staffing requirements to support their environment, T2 Tech worked with SJHC to develop a new IT staffing model. In addition to addressing SJHC’s staffing issues, T2 Tech was tasked with the development and implementation of an IT remediation plan that included an integrated transition timeline for IT infrastructure, enterprise applications and IT operations. | View St. Johns Health Center and T2 Tech story

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