Solving Vendor Management Challenges

Whether you need to assess current vendor performance, manage procurement or need an expert to help oversee the entire lifecycle of IT contracts, we can help. T2 Tech Group™ has a proven track record in negotiating optimal vendor agreements and can ensure outsourced resources work as efficiently as possible. Because we have no financial interest in vendor selection, our consulting services focus entirely on strategic and ongoing operational value. Even in exacting environments that involve a variety of user workflows and vendors, we can adapt, work within your organization to refine processes when necessary and deliver results.

We only engage in client initiatives if we know our assistance can provide considerable value. Additionally, when brought on board, our CIO/CTO-level resources, subject matter experts and project managers will personally see to your organization’s success. In our work with large enterprises and small businesses alike, our vendor management services have consistently contributed to optimal IT ecosystem performance along with significant capital and operating cost savings.

Enterprise-wide Technology Consulting

Read our blog on vendor management to see how our team managed the vendor selection process for a client looking to augment their VDI environment with a better print management solution.

Read our case study, An Efficient New Hospital Building IT Implementation, to learn how our vendor management services brought value to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Our highly-experienced IT program and project managers provide clients with direction and focus, so the right high-quality solutions can be implemented in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Ensuring That Vendors Work For Your Business

Third-party resources that play a crucial role in day-to-day operations or important strategic initiatives can require long-term commitments and constant collaborative efforts. To ensure appropriate vendors are selected and facilitate optimal vendor performance, we help organizations in the following ways:

  • Develop requirements, identify strategic vendor choices, manage bidding and vendor evaluation, and oversee negotiations and potential site visits
  • Clearly define and establish optimal contracts, deliverables, costs, metrics and legal agreements
  • Transition in new vendors and provide efficient management of operations
  • Efficiently transition out vendors, including transfer of knowledge and resources, when needed

We have helped many respected clients with vendor management, including Sharp HealthCare, Verity Health System, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Comanche County Memorial Hospital and Kootenai Health. For information on our experience and vendor management methodology, view our client stories here.

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Nine Vendor Management Strategies To Increase Your ROI

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