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Systems Engineer

Matthew Williams is an IT professional with expertise in systems engineering. Since joining T2 Tech Group, he has been a key resource on a variety of technological and operational IT initiatives for major clients. Matthew is skilled at managing Windows and VMware systems environments, including antivirus solutions, along with Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, Windows Server, and Windows Desktop, as well as VMware vCenter, Citrix XenApp and Citrix Storefront. He is currently conducting several internal projects and remains in charge of the entire T2 Tech internal environment, T2 Tech lab and its 35 servers. Over his career, Matthew has consistently provided value to clients as he delivers systems-engineering support for major healthcare and commercial infrastructure projects.

Currently, Matthew is leading the operational and technical management of the IT department at a water district in Orange County. This environment includes Exchange, Active Directory, Windows Server, Windows Desktop and VMware vCenter. For this client, Matthew implemented an entirely new phone system while providing support for over 50 applications. He recently performed an upgrade of the client’s firmware, server, and Citrix products. He also improved the IT infrastructure and operations based on T2 Tech’s comprehensive assessment findings. He played key roles in the installation of a new data center, server rebuild, network design and a refresh of all workstations. In addition, Matthew is responsible for overseeing the water district’s transformation to a new IT operations management model.

Prior to this engagement, Matthew was responsible for racking, stacking and cabling all Layer-1 connectivity for multiple high-profile IT infrastructure implementations at a children’s hospital in California. This project involved the installation of new IT infrastructure hardware, including cabinets, servers, storage and high-speed networking equipment. To ensure a professional installation, Matthew took on the responsibility of tracking, documenting and labeling all existing single-mode-fiber patch cables and panels.

In addition to his projects for clients, Matthew completed the design and installation of the T2 Tech Lab, an in-house data center and testing environment. The lab represents an investment of nearly $1 million in the latest enterprise-grade network, server and storage hardware. In standing up the lab, Matthew was responsible for overseeing suite designs, rack elevations, power elevations, equipment selection, equipment acquisition, equipment racking and equipment configuration.

Matthew holds the following professional certifications:

  • CompTIA A+
  • VCA Data Center
  • VCA Cloud
  • VCA Workforce Mobility
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification
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