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Senior Technical Project Manager

Nikhil Raj is a healthcare technologist who is known for his ability to solve complex IT issues. He brings experience leading teams as a project manager for a variety of IT projects, including multiple application-based implementations. Over his career, Nikhil has successfully managed the implementation of a variety of medical interoperability projects in patient-care environments. His particular focus on critical applications allows him to support large-scale healthcare organizations in efforts to procure, install, update and integrate electronic health record (EHR) systems.

Currently at T2 Tech Group, Nikhil is working as a project manager at Sharp HealthCare, one of San Diego’s leading healthcare systems. Because of his in-depth knowledge of complex applications, he was chosen to lead teams to migrate hundreds of applications to a new data center. This application-migration project will create new workflows and processes for technical, application and clinical teams. Applying a hybrid-Agile methodology, Nikhil hosts daily scrum calls to track the progress of his projects, conducts sprint planning meetings every two weeks, and hosts biweekly stakeholder presentations to review the successes and challenges that his teams have faced throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Prior to this engagement, Nikhil worked with a six-hospital, 1,500-bed health system in California to assess and transition its EHR environment. He led the cost and application analysis for all IT departments to streamline and consolidate the entire IT environment to a new single data center. As the client updated to a new EHR, Nikhil worked closely with the IT teams to plan the transition from the existing servers to new servers.

Nikhil previously worked for Cerner Corporation for over four years as a technology architect and software engineer. In his role as technology architect, he designed, tested, implemented and supported multiple projects on the CareAware iBus device connectivity platform. This platform implements life-critical fetal-monitor tracing. As a software engineer, he supported new installations of the CareAware iBus platform and Cerner’s Smart Room suite of solutions. In this support role, Nikhil identified and reported defects found in the code back to the product’s developers.

Nikhil graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from the University of Central Florida.

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