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A Visual IT Notification System

Unlike other consulting service providers, we advise and can see projects through from assessment to implementation and project management. We’re your team to help you through your complete IT projects, ensuring the support team is trained and in prime condition to meet new demands.

Development Of A Visual IT Notification System

While working on Kootenai Health, a healthcare provider located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, on a five-year IT ecosystem reconstructing project, there was an evident need to simplify the monitoring of all hospital IT systems. T2 Tech’s experienced IT professionals engineered a solution they called T2 Alert Insight – a visual IT notification system that aggregates system alerts and quickly focuses support resources on critical IT issues.

Real-time Alerts To IT Staff

The new IT support management tool aggregates alerts from any IT system in real-time. Our algorithm actively parses system alerts to provide a visible system status with an ambient LED lighting system. The unmistakable cues of the lighting system effectively alert IT support teams of issues that need immediate attention, to facilitate a timely response and resolution.

Custom Lighting Colors And System States With A Centralized Dashboard

By default, T2 Alert Insight is configured to support three lighting colors and system states:

  • Red – urgent

  • Yellow – warning

  • Green – all systems normal

These defaults can be easily altered or replaced with an unlimited combination of custom lighting colors and system states to meet unique requirements. Additionally, this tool provides a centralized dashboard with a current system status, key alerts and a running log of past issues for each IT system, so support staff can identify trends and further evaluate recurring issues. Custom email notifications can be configured for delivery to any recipient. By aggregating system alerts and prioritizing system notifications, T2 Alert Insight cuts through the noise of excessive IT alerts with focused, relevant email notifications.

A Technology We Can Put In Place For Your IT Team

After implementing this for Kootenai Health, we learned so much and provided a lot of value. Today, we can offer this technology to many organizations with a growing IT environment and implement it wherever visual notifications bring value.

  • Helpdesk support centers: The T2 Tech Group visual IT notification system is the perfect complement for new or existing helpdesk support centers. By implementing ambient lighting systems within these environments, support staff are immediately made aware of issues as they arise through unmistakable visual cues.

  • Data centers: The visual IT notification system can also be implemented in data centers with separate LED lighting systems in each cabinet. When systems within a cabinet have an issue, the LED lights turn red (or any pre-defined color) in order to quickly identify which cabinet contains the problematic system.

Improve And Simplify IT Monitoring With T2 Alert Insight

T2 Alert Insight’s clear lighting cues immediately notify the appropriate IT support team of a change in operation status, and its dashboard and automated alerts allow users to efficiently manage issues.