Lab Operations and Supplemental Support Services

Clinical labs are one of the most important departments in a hospital required to provide services and results in the quickest amount of time. The ability to build the necessary protocols and workflows is critical in the productivity and efficiency of a clinical lab. Lean methodologies have been practiced for years to optimize how technicians operate within the lab.

T2 Clinical Labs will help with not only your workflows but will help you understand the effort required for a successful lab environment. Let us navigate through the time consuming and burdensome efforts while complying with all regulatory requirements and coordinating with other hospital departments and third parties.

  • Protocol Build-out

  • Vendor Selection and Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Seamless Implementations

  • Training

  • EMR Integration

Project Management

Leveraging T2 Tech Group’s strong project management governance to execute critical projects in a timely manner and within a specific budget allows T2 Clinical Labs to provide the project management and oversight services needed to achieve your lab’s objectives.

Scientist working in the laboratory on a laptop

COVID-19 Testing

85% of testing during the COVID-19 pandemic has been through private labs in the U.S. Now, hospitals are assuming some of the diagnostic testing and they’re running full steam to accommodate the high volumes of tests and the turnaround of diagnosis in the shortest duration. Having a stable and consistent supply of assay and the necessary consumables is critical to meet the high demands.

T2 Clinal Labs has access to COVID-19 assay, the necessary liquid handlers and PCR testing equipment needed to get your hospital lab running efficiently and equipped with the essential resources in the quickest amount of time possible.

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