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Scheduling Support Services

Proper patient appointment scheduling is essential to improve healthcare practice and workflow, but managing the process in-house can be hectic and time consuming. Often, medical support staff is unable to consistently process calls while attending to their core duties of interacting with patients and handling their administrative responsibilities. Patients and physicians have high expectations when it comes to service – scheduling an appointment is not an exception.

A Flexible Workforce Solution

T2 Flex Force will provide you with a friendly and efficient scheduling service to deliver the additional administrative support you need. With an innovative technology platform, workforce development strategies, and quality control, we will work to make every call a positive experience for your patients.

Innovative Technology Platform

The proprietary technology platform, Performity’s p3remote, delivers the next generation of virtual infrastructure connecting work-at-home associates with each other and your systems and all applications while giving managers full visibility in a secure HIPAA/HITECH-compliant environment.


  • Improved Patient Satisfaction

  • Increased Patient Access

  • Increased Revenue

  • Decreased Call Abandonment

  • Increased Cash Flow

Contact T2 Flex Force

For general inquiries, please email info@t2flexforce.com or call 844-823-6723.

To speak with a sales representative, please email sales@t2flexforce.com.

If you’re looking to join the T2 Flex Force team, please send your resume and cover letter to recruitment@t2flexforce.com.

If you need technical support, please email helpdesk@t2flexforce.com.

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