Visually monitor your IT environment with the T2 Alert Insight

IT help desks and technology executives responsible for staff and system performance need to quickly answer and triage problems, incidents and service requests. To help organizations quickly cut through the noise, T2 Tech Group developed T2 Alert Insight – an innovative real-time visual notification system that allows teams to easily monitor the status of any new or existing IT system.

As a useful tool for help desks or data centers, the solution comes with three components:

  • A customizable LED display that ambiently displays system states
  • Aggregated custom email notifications
  • A dashboard with a running log of issues and the ability to customize alerts and displays

By providing easy-to-recognize alerts and system status updates, T2 Alert Insight can bolster staff performance, help teams prioritize the most pressing concerns and give leadership an easy way to instantly know about the state of their IT environment.

T2 Tech can package up the hardware and software required for T2 Alert Insight and implement it as needed. Watch the video above to learn more about the monitoring system and the benefits it can bring to your organization.

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About the Author:

Kevin Torf
Kevin Torf is an information systems executive with a 30+ year career. In 2012, Kevin became a managing partner of T2 Tech Group after merging the consulting division of Inventtrex into T2 Tech. He specializes in large-scale IT project design, procurement and implementation. He offers experience in executive-level technology consulting involving data centers, server farms, storage and backup systems, security, video messaging and VoIP systems.

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